hello ! nik kosmas :
how are you ? is me "carl". i just recieve your e-mail you send to me. i don' t know you were very busy. my restaurant business job is going down, not too much people come to my store buy food. my store maybe will closing.

talk to you next mail. bye !

Subject : the mummies is time for return to you
hello ! nik kosmas :
how are you ? is me "carl". i just recieve your e-mail. now you know you're blind. if you're a "king", you have to resign and let me replace you and help you rule the "kingdom". all the kingdom and the cities will turn like the "mummies". if all the peoples is not a "mummies" will be wrap up. the place is in the "egyptain". you will be my servant forever.

talk to you next time ! bye ! "carl"

Subject : Re: i see you today with you friend
hello ! nik kosmas :
how are you ? is me "carl". i just recieve your e-mail. what are you talking about. i am working in the front of the counter. you didn' t see me, i don' t have any cousin at all. are you wear a glasses in your eyes ? if you wearing glasses, you need a new one and don' t forget to "check" your eyes. if you are driving a car ; i will very scared and never sit beside you. if i need to sit beside you when you're driving in the car, i have to eat 2,400 bottle save myself medicine and wear 345 sear belts look like a mummies, then i will sit beside you when you're are driving a car and take and out do some activities.

talk to you next time. bye ! "carl"

Subject : i tell you the ghost story
hello ! nik kosmas :
how are you ? is me "carl". i just receive your e-mail. how your job doing ? so you like to hear the "ghost story", i can tell you but the story is i just see on the television.

i tell you the story :
one night 3 people gone inside the place call the "cemetery". for the people who die and burial over there. let me tell you who is the 3 peoples. one man, one woman and one boy. the boy is the the man bother and the woman is the man girl friend. so 3 people when inside the cemetery. the nam and the woman inside the "cemetery" was doing the "sex". the boy look and suddenly ran out to see because he see something inside the the place put the guy who burial over there, they call the "aches". inside the man wasn' t burial and walk around the place they put the "aches". the boy see that man and scare and begin to run, when he run ; the ghost man catch the boy, and the boy use a knife to keep him. he kill the ghost man and the ghost man have some "green" color staff come out in the body and lay down in the floor. suddenly the boy ran because he saw a 5 litte demon catch him, he fell down in the floor, one shoe is gone anmd catch by demon, he keep ran and shout to brother say he see something, at that his bother and his girlfriend still having "sex" at that time. after his bother find out his man bother was watching them doing "sex" and start yelling each other. then the woman and the man try to chase her.

bye ! talk to you next time
from "carl"

hello ! nik kosmas :
how are you ? is me carl. how are you doing ? i have see you for a long time and when did you coming back to visit me ? i need ask about you tell me i have a three words need to you explian to me what is mean : 1) hail
2) basilides
3) mesoptamia
i can' t find in the dictionary and i don' t really know what is mean.

now let me ask you, it you are the mesoptamia, show me some power and let me fright it back to you, you are blind with and call :"NO EYES SEE". you need to resign and let me rule the country and all the cities. if all the cities and the country you rule, all the people will run away and scare. you look like japan solider attack the china in everywhere. all the peoples find the places to hide in every holes, everybody hold the gun perpare to shoot you like the "donkey".

bye ! talk to you next time from "carl"

Subject : to the evil heart ruler
hello ! nik kosmas :
how are you ? is me "carl". i just recieve my e-mail. let me tell you , you a the god of the "polor" with your "evil heart" ruler. you destory all the cities and kill all the children with no love. the love is for everyone include me. change you brain and your mind before i destory you. i am the god of the sun. i burn you like the fire, make you get wet like the sea. i crush your head like learn chinese karate. i hit you like the animal "donkey" and kick you like the sand. my solider army is "mummies", wake up and walk from the tomb when the sun was shine in the top of the praymind, like my wake up call. you know i thing i am the winner of the world, if you want to fright, i alwary stand by wait for your attack.

bye ! talk to you next time from "carl"

Subject : Re: are you busy all the time right now
hello ! nik kosmass :
how are you ? is me "carl". i just receive your e-mail. what did you study in school right now ? i be wonder how you "weed" taste ?
talk to you later and see you next time when you come.
bye ! carl