plastic surgery
allows people virtual transformation
shown by

dash marks on the body
artificial anything
\ law a lot.


photo shoot
models are people who are only images they exist for the camera just like maskers and celebrities

they are shown
at photoshoots
as magazine images

artificial personality
blank personality
generic personality
doll self
robot self

masking is escape from the pressure of observing your own face/self

people who are helped/hindered by technology
i feel crippled
i am afraid of cripples
asymmetry is natural/unnnatural?
people directly living with machines who do not understand their systems. they need intermediaries to control the powers/tools that control the cripple life.

shown by
limb extensions
body braces
the elderly
unable to reach what you need.


those who hold the key to technology. they also hold the key to satisfaction and happiness because successful engineering is harmonious life. the engineers are the masters who have the understanding of the technological secret details

they are represented by
laser scanning (the conflict between the image and the real) (destroy the original only the copy is valid)
reproductive processes. man controls a machine birth
aerospace factories
robotic factory arms
large empty interiors
numbers and chemicals
flashing lights

the connect to offices
the characters in offices could be anyone
what happens in offices
celebrities in office, cripples in office, maskers in office, regular people in office struggling with technology. people in offices being spied on.
high tech surveillance

a man wants his gf to live forever a perfect model of her.

alchemy and the quest for immortality.
chemistry and the quest for immortality
engineering and the quest

'mans weakness is his emotions"
-i love maria
animal humans
secret languages

floating people and objects
laser lines

lunar images
animals in flight
ancient lettering
statues (amputees!)

the living are converted to robots and then the robots die. but they are rebuilt with memory of their death. like a zombie. never allowed to stop working

force a robot to say i love you. it is saying it. because you made it but then it is the robots true feeling because robots can only follow their instructions

things to search for at library
animals of the world...especially, big cats. rams and other horned goat creatures ibix, sheep, snakes,

proto-humanoids -small furred people accompany cripples and children use video of children from the target commercial and make them into reveling goat/animal people (!!!)

supreme satisfaction as a primal creature, only living for the moment and satisfaction

scientist creating a link to another universe by proving that thought and states of altered consciousness that we feel with drugs or other stimuli are just as real as our waking state / the film example is unlocking primal memories / but what does it say of virtual reality

documentaries about modern architecture
documentaries about science, grasshopper legs of the military

robotics genetics 3d modeling successful behavior programs programs for success program for dealing with depression program about anxiety program about drug abuse, programs about economics,

only truth is reality, only things that are constant
people uniting with the absolute that is matter and light and becoming pure energy.
the final truth is nothing.
awful words that raise the dead from the grave
an engineer that works for a company

engineers may be the shamans but they still follow the words of kings in some ways/ the kings are office buildings

engineer shaman
business person
celebrity model
cripple clone robot
doctors (have one key to life. how do they relate to the creating engineers?)

use a robot as a sacrifice

robots cant die they have no life

the engineers cannot destroy immortal beings

who would choose to lose feeling to become a machine?

or a laser cutting through something
a laser cutting a person

people in ice
people in liquid
automotive or other large factory interior
large cnc cutter
stereo lithography
laser scanning for rapid prototyping = google faro laser

crippled people

long hallway
high domed room
beautiful beach
beautiful forest clearing
office interior
spectacular interiors of all kinds
large geometric spaces
elderly in living assistance situations