NEAR near near near insect near future near death near bite near talk

INSECT near insect insect insect insect future insect death insect bite insect talk

FUTURE future near future insect future future future death future bite future talk

DEATH death near death insect death future death death death bite death talk

BITE bite near bite insect bite future bite death bite bite bite talk

TALK talk near talk insect talk future talk death talk bite talk talk




two nine page parts. nine makes a grid cube.

1 2 3 1 2 3
4 5 6 4 5 6
7 8 9 7 8 9


death talker

near future

insect biter

amputee is the death talker. they are already halfway in the spirit world. they have metaphysical limbs...i.e. psychic powers.
they are a threat to the normal human. sucking resources and controlling sophisticated machines

near future is information technology revolution escalating

insect biter. insects are harbingers of plague. insect b. virus is a chemical weapon delivered through bio-engineered insectoids
it could also be a drug. insect bite. insects have a geometric vision of order
the insect bite could inspire people to make mathematical models
white cubes and junctures of floor and wall. obsessions over measurements and form. imagine a hive structure of cubic geometry.

p a ris hilton
e r
r i
f s
e t
c o
t c









how can the story function like a number letter grid
the story could then be read in a lot of different combinations.
What will be entertaining

artificiality (gods domain)

there are a group of people that are friends
they are all part of the same society
they are on equal standings of wealth and social success

they have different skills and are different generations however
one of them contracts the insect bite virus.
they begin to degenerate into


death event
psychic channeling

future events
perfect illusions
mastery of matter

talk event
society party
political party

First half of the story exists in the future second half exists in death

why have you summoned me here death talker

RAUL 33 been seen canoodling with death talker PRINCESS the amputee
they have been trying to summon spirits since last july when RAULS ex-Girlfriend MADISON BRIDGES contacted the INSECT VIRUS and began her transformation

MADISON 24, made history as the first woman to enter multi-dimensionality when she became mathematical as a result of the reality retro-virus INSECT BITE

DEATH TALK has long been a respected position in our society. We are the only ones with the authority to tell what the Beyond is really saying.

a source close to PRINCESS tells FUTURE TALK, "she's been ecstatic about the attention this case has received. the more media attention we give her the greater the reach of her psychic influence!"

Only by distancing herself from limiting notions of material control, like limbs and their sensations is the amazing PRINCESS able to achieve true understanding of all 15 dimensions and their forcefields.

"Since ive been exposed to the INSECT VIRUS my perception of the human body has altered significantly. Im beginning to see like no differences between bodies with and without animation/ life force, I see know that we are beginning to see the fundamental shape of the universal energies." strange buzz from DR. LEVITT

T. WHITE, rogue cyberneticist and virtual pioneer has replaced his optic nerves and sees the world through a graphic representation map. My reality is both more and less than the traditional view!" hahaha Thats a good one T!

SAUCY transracial ANGEL made a splash on SATURNSTAG in a huge martini glass. The sexy star performed with the SPIDERS at the hot Plastidome club FACELESS on Feb 14 at a special bash she hosted. After the show she shed excess derma backstage with an after party acid bath and smooched her on again off again beau, RAUL

SALOME left freshly coiffed from Pastel Cities underground skin tanks, REVitE april 1. "I barely shave off her ends to keep them from wrinkling and twisting," surgeon pal DR. LEVITT has said about her monthly mini-trims.

After lunch in NYC's Water District, T.White and girlfriend Salome kept warm walking arm in arm on their way to buy genes Feb 5.
Mathematical descriptions of human bodies-anthropomorphic phantoms-are widely used in computer calculations of doses delivered to the entire body and to specific organs

modeling of imaging and other medical applications is best done with phantom models that match the gross parameters of an individual patient. (Some calculations make use of more accurate representations of individuals based on volumetric scans, such as CAT, MIR, and PET. Phantom representations are useful when scan data does not exist, or when the increased fidelity of the model does not justify the additional computing time required when many thousands, or perhaps millions, of voxel cells are present.)

ANGEL sits in the White Room, in Miami and her chanting is mathematic and electric. The Future Talker, 33 is searching for some future/past parties and several lesser insect geometries have been summoned to inform her, April 5th

Im a Geometric Realization Specific organs need to be considered at times, such as when the dose to a fetus is required. The inclusion of soft organs not of interest is undesirable because the unnecessary complexity increases the Monte Carlo simulation time.

The Cristy and Eckerman models are presented as quadratic and planar equations for the organ surfaces. Specifications are given for the elemental composition of three tissue types: lung, skeletal, and soft tissue. The soft tissue composition is used for all organs other than the skeleton and lungs. All soft tissue organs thus appear the same to a radiation transport simulation. Unless a soft tissue organ is required as a source or a tally volume, the efficiency of a Monte Carlo transport simulation is improved by the omission of those organs and the filling of their volume by the generic trunk soft tissue.

The interpolation is first made on the Cristy and Eckerman coefficients. The interpolated values are then transformed into the equivalent MCNP surface representation. A 2-point linear interpolation method is used.
The continuum of ages does not include the newborn model at age 0. The form of the gall bladder geometry and the composition are slightly different for the newborn than for the other models.
We have checked the range of ages for overlapping organs and other geometry errors using the Sabrina graphics code. No errors have been seen following our debugging. The sharing of common surfaces by various organs permits the model to adjust to different sizes without introducing errors. We have also performed geometry checks with a wide variety of organ combinations.  Nevertheless, from time to time a user encounters lost particles in an MCNP run. In nearly every instance, the MCNP geometry plotter shows an extremely small overlap at the position reported for the lost particle.

The neckring must be fitted to the individual patient. The back of the gridle should almost reach the chair

An example of halo pelvic traction with an additional dorsal pressure pad to correct a severe kyphosis
probably during some of our future weekends your vagina and the muscles around it may be the only thing that you could move or communicate with me - so if you are in trouble and want to quit our game, squeeze this twice, wait a bit and than squeeze it once again - this is your SOS sign. It will send a signal to my remote showing me that you had enough. But if you decide to have enough - that's it. There will be no other time - so use it in extreme need only.

The legs were modified so that the combined volumes of the legs with extensions and the bottom are the same as the legs volume in the original model. The legs are truncated cones.

No extension is applied to the leg bones. The repositioning of the legs leaves the bottom of the torso bare. The alternate posture models add a bottom layer to the posterior of the torso. The thickness is 5 times the skin thickness. The outer layer (both sides and bottom) is skin if the model includes skin.
Subject: Celebrity RealDolls
From: name and email address withheld by request
This site is incredible. I really like your attitude as you make no bones about what guys will be using these sex surrogates for. (Three input sex!) I wonder if you ever considered making "Celebrity" versions of the Love Dolls? Perhaps a Pamela Anderson Lee version? Or a Michelle Pfiefer look-a-like? Certainly there are licensing issues with regard to their precise likeness, but if they looked something like these big celebs, think of the sales potential!!!
I know that many of the celebrity porn stars have lent lifecasts of vaginas and penises for mass reproduction, why not their full form? A Christy Canyon full-input doll all yours for the loving.
Please respond on the site. Perhaps you could put it to a vote: Which male or female celebrity would users like to see reproduced for sexual fun?
Just think, I could be pumping a likeness of Marilyn Monroe for a measley $5,000.

Thanks. You are doing a service to mankind. Please withhold my name and address

Subject: My solution
From: name withheld
Fabulous!!! I'm 65 with the same libido I had at 18. I wish I could get MediCare to get me one (or two). It would do wonders for my health... I could live to be 100 or more. Too bad I was born horny instead of rich. If only there was a real Santa... what a good boy I would be! I wish YOU great success and to those who can afford... ENJOY!
• All faces (formerly Face types) are now compatable with ALL body types.
• Faces can be purchased seperately, so you can have multiple combinations.
• Neck seam has been eliminated completely.
• Head / neck articulation is much more anatomically correct, less limited.
• Jaw assembly can be tightened to user's taste.
• Neck connection can be tightened to user's taste.
• The mouth of the doll no longer gapes open when head is tipped back
• Eyes can be easily changed from the inside, without disturbing the eyelashes.
• The separation line defines where the wig should sit, eliminating guesswork

This expertise results in the most accurate surface reproduction of your part from data captured during the laser scanning process. Reverse engineering expertise is an integral part of any good scan. Reproducing your geometry requires not only the latest technology, but also software and industry expertise.

People like that these electro bands are made of a comfortable fabric that is elastic. This means it can be fitted on the penis shaft and around the cock and balls. When you put it around the cock and balls tightly it also acts as a cock ring which keeps you harder longer. In this setup, as shown, the electricity goes from one cock band to the other creating a wild sensation. What makes these cock rings really fun is you can move them around the penis. In various positions the electricity follows different paths and it creates a completely unique feel. A staff favorite and a must for versatile electrosex play
I had to remove the leg from the rest I felt how heavy and stiff it became from the knee down. I looked at the shiny metallic conical bar that was growing from below my knee but because of the compression and the lack of any control I had over it seemed like it wasn't mine - like my lower legs and ankle were replaced by plastic and steel.

• Squeeze it so it's just an inch in length.
• Insert in mouth
• As wearer opens mouth to speak it climbs up and widens to 3 inches
• The wider they open the mouth the further the gag climbs up
• Wearer cannot close mouth
• It cannot be pushed out of the mouth due to the two plastic stoppers set behind the teeth
• To remove, use fingers to press rear of gag to allow it to descend

This comfortable, washable Brazilian cut thong has a secret pocket with a powerful contoured stimulator. Can be worn all day long. The idea of another person controlling their sensations is an erotic fantasy to most.

The 312B offers 18 pre-programmed modes, each designed by an experienced estim user. They were created to provide a variety of sensations all under computer control to offer a completely hands free experienc
a hospital where compassionate doctors and nurses give sensual but firm care to their helpless patients -- patients imprisoned in a dark universe of unrelenting pain and intense pleasure.
the Sf9 nuclear immunophilin FKBP46 was identified as a death-associated substrate for Sf caspase-1.

To identify and clone the S. frugiperda caspase that is responsible for execution of apoptosis in this organism, we employed a degenerate PCR approach designed to identify caspases in different species. Here we report the complete amino acid sequence of an S. frugiperda caspase named Sf caspase-1, as deduced from its cDNA. We demonstrate that this protease is capable of cleaving p35 and is potently inhibited by p35. This protease is also able to induce apoptosis in Sf9 cells and cleave the Sf9 nuclear immunophilin FKBP46 (22). Sf caspase-1 has a short prodomain and is related to human CPP32 and Mch3, implying that it is a downstream executioner of apoptosis
Cross-sectional geometry of the dentary in bats

It is omniscient and omnipresent. It may
be the uncontrolled spread of buggy self-assembling Nanotechnology,
but perhaps it is also the cloud of super-intelligence that will
out-evolve humanity.

Employing the degenerate primer-dependent polymerase chain reaction approach used recently to clone human Mch2, we have identified and cloned the insect Spodoptera frugiperda target of the baculovirus antiapoptotic protein p35.