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>T H E F E M A L E M A S K M A I L I N G L I S T
>November 6, 2005 Vol. 10, Number 113
>- Editor's Note
>- Kerry's Visit to My House!
>- Rina Katase's Tokyo Off-Line Meeting Report
>- It Must Be Autumn!
>- Kerry's Asia Trip
>- Personal Ads
>- What's New On The Net
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>From: Yu Mizuno <transbowler@ybb.ne.jp>
>"Kerry's Visit to My House!"
>First of all, let me introduce myself. I'm a Japanese masker and often go out
>as a female, viz. transgendered. I was also Yumi MIZUNO, the mask co-maker
>of "The Yuki Mask" of the movie "The Cell" with Yuki Makise. When Kerry came
>to Japan with Marti seven years ago, my English speaking ability was so bad
>that I was depressed to hear Kerry's fast conversation, which is, of course,
>natural for native speakers. After then for some years I have done
>jobs about business documents. I truly want to translate on publishing. But
>the possibility to do so is decreasing because of economic depression. So I
>decided to restart mask making and it would be my main job about one year
>and have been trying to make better masks.
>I noticed Kerry's visit to Japan on her webpage, and connected with her and
>Japanese maskers Rina and Yuki on E-mail. Rina held the off-line hotel room
>meeting at Shinjuku (Tokyo) at daytime on Oct. 29th, and Yuki reserved the
>evening dinner party on the same day. Furthermore I heard Kerry would be
>free from
>the 25th to 27th, so I invited her to my house on Wednesday the 26th. It
>more than one hour on the complex Tokyo Metro train from Shinjuku, where she
>stayed, to come to my house. This time I think my English is much better
>before, though still it's sometimes difficult to communicate with each other.
> As soon as she arrived, we saw her self-made DVD (about 30 min.) on my PC.
>It was a simply edited movie superimposed with the title and mixed dance
>and so on. All many wonderful (often doubly!) masked figures mainly dancing
>at the front of the screen are acted by Kerry alone!
>In return I show her some scraps about masks from magazines. Kerry was
>especially interested in masked Yuki and I in some magazines. I also played
>unedited (so somewhat boring) movie of dollers at Korakuen amusement park and
>the off-line meeting at the hotel when she came in 1998. And I playbacked
>partly recorded resources from television programs including some unmasking
>scenes, eg. "Five" and "Kaiki Daisakusen". The mask of the latter (made in
>is very cheap, so we are agreed that our masks are superior than it
>It was amazing and dreaming four hours with Kerry. On Saturday of the same
>week I met her at the front of the hotel. She looked surprised to be talked
>by a Japanese lady when I said "Don't you notice?" Because it was the first
>time (for Kerry) I appeared as a woman (smile). Rina and Yuki had already
>arrived at the room. Later Natori, high-quality mask maker, and Yoshioka,
>of novels about transformation and very familiar with unmasking scenes of
>Japanese comics, animation and other fictional arts, came to join us. Kerry,
>Yuki and Rina enjoyed masking, and Natori and Yoshioka took the video and
>pictures of them. Natori prepared his newly made half-anime type mask for
>shooting. Yuki and Rina consecutively wore the mask, which was very
>appreciated. My
>trial mask of conventional latex making was worn by Rina. I myself didn't
>mask at all because of my own face being made up!
>At the evening Tonta, doller and writer of novels about all-in-one type
>Kigurumi with rubber skin, and Makoto, owner of MSN website named "Living
>Mannequin", came together with us, and had a dinner at Japanese restaurant.
>It was
>also pleasure time to talk with one another mainly about masks. The two who
>didn't participate the daytime meeting watched the photos of it, and
>regretted that
>they can't come earlier because of their jobs. I appreciate all the members
>and especially Kerry for coming here from afar to meet us. You're a so-called
>female mask missionary. Congratulation to 10 year anniversary of Kerry's TV
>Mask/Lycra Page. I will also enjoy with its next decade. And I'm going to
>to sell my female masks by the end of this year.
>Best wishes from Japan.
>From: Rina Katase <rinak61masktv@yahoo.co.jp>
>Kerry came back to Tokyo, Japan. I was very impressed to meet her. We
>shared a very pleasant time on Saturday, October 29th. Both Kerry and Yuki
>showed off their wonderful masked bodies. Of course, me too. A prototype
>female mask was brought by Yu Mizuno. Then Natori took very nice mask pics.
>We had a pleasant talk with the pleasant meal, too. Kerry enjoyed various
>Japanese Sashimi. Sashimi is the cooking which made Japanese raw fish a food
>material. I am disappointed at not doing being able to understand Kerry
>because I am poor at English.
>I appreciate all of the members who participated very much. Kerry, I hope
>such a happy gathering will happen again.
>From: Jovina <jovinamask@lycos.com>
>It must be Autumn!
>Hello everybody! This marks a bit of history for me, with this submission, I
>now enter into year number 5 of writing for the Mask Mailing List. Gosh, I
>wonder if anybody is still reading these? Anyway, on the chance that
>is, I will continue on to what took place on our most cherished of days, the
>weekend around Halloween.
>It all started out actually a few months ago with my plans to hold another of
>my "infamous gatherings" at my house with "Jovina's Halloween Happening",
>version 3. Unfortunately, plans began to fall apart as one potential
>after another had to bail out on me, usually because of one of two things,
>either they were not working and could not afford to travel, or they could
>get time off from work to attend. Gee, and this is an improving economy? So
>in early October I called off the event and started on other plans. It
>appeared that I would be going to Southern Florida around that time and with
>a bit of
>pushing and poking, my schedule enabled me to be there around Halloween, and
>able to attend "Necronomicon" in Tampa. But alas, as some of you may have
>heard, Mother Nature has been throwing many hissy fits lately and this
>one had the name "Wilma" attached to it. South Florida was a tattered mess,
>and my original reasons for going got blown away with many of the roofs down
>there. And so the plans for attending Necronomicon also vanished.
>What to do, what to do ... And so I pulled out the paper and started to look
>for local Halloween events. Since I had other plans, I had totally ignored
>what had been happening locally, and had much catching up to do.
>Fortunately, I
>soon learned that a local club "Past-times Cafe" in Frederick, MD was having
>a Halloween party, one that I have attended several times in the past. I had
>prepared two "primary outfits" that I had planned to take to the convention
>with me, and so now it was a matter of deciding which one to wear. I decided
>use my red and black goth outfit that had worked so well at Horrorfind. I
>had already made some improvements to it, just for the occasion. One of
>was to make a latex chest piece so that I would not have to tape up my chest
>and paint it with white make-up. The result was not perfect, but it worked
>enough for the occasion and served as an experiment to further work with
>dollsuits. I had also repainted the she mask with the same white paint so
>face and chest matched quite well, and then added appropriate black
>and burgundy lips.
>And so on Saturday night, I got into my outfit and ready to go. But first, a
>little fun on webcam... Unfortunately, everybody else seemed to be busy as
>well, and there were no viewers to be had. I did see MacLeod on line and he
>take a peek, so it was not a totally wasted effort. And so off I went!
>Arriving at the party, there were already a good number of people in costume
>there, but I must say, I did seem to impress quite a few. I had my long
>fingernails on, and they were well received by many. I got the usual
>like "Is that a mask?" (NO, hehehehe) and "Can you take that off so we can
>your real face?" (This IS my real face, hehehehe again!). As so often
>many people loved the outfit, but I won no prize in the costume contest, but
>the prizes were no big thing anyway. There were two people that did catch my
>eye there though that were different than previous years, and that is that
>they were also wearing female masks! My GOD! Is it finally going
>One of them had on an outfit that was an angel on one side and a devil on the
>other, and the mask was just a thin transparent plastic one. The other
>was a guy dressed at least partially femme who was wearing a white plastic
>mask that he had painted. I gave him my site's URL in hopes to inspire him
>higher things!
>And so after a few hours I returned home and turned on the webcam again. I
>found Angel on line and she immediately called me on the phone which made it
>necessary to remove my mask to talk well... so much for webcam, but it was
>to chat with Angel again. But was this the end of the fun? Of course not!
>There were still two more nights left in October. And so the following
>evening, I put on my other "primary outfit" for the convention. It was my
>school-girl uniform with a Renee mask from Nikki, and topped off with some
>foam rubber hair! This was a fun find at Hot Topic, they had it in pink and
>blue and the retail was $22, but in the last week, it went half price, how
>you go wrong with foam rubber hair for $11, so I got two of each to be ready
>for group shots. I had spotted one event that evening, but decided not to
>attend and instead turned on my webcam again... but alas, the whole world was
>busy and I remained unwatched for almost an hour. Good thing I had plenty of
>other web stuff to catch up on! And so on Monday night I did a repeat,
>this time, I set up the camera and took a mess of pictures of myself in both
>blue and the pink foam wigs. I also threw in a few swords, throwing stars
>and other accessories that an anime school-girl would naturally be expected
>have handy! Then it was back onto the webcam. Morganna was around this time
>and for a while was the only viewer. But eventually I was also found by
>Suby-doll who graciously complimented me on my appearance. Finally it was
>time to
>wrap things up and I bid adieu to Halloween for another year. Gee, and this
>would have been about the time the last of the Halloween Happening guests
>be leaving. Oh, and by the way.... NOV 1 is a great time to buy Halloween
>stuff, saw lots of PVC knee boots and thigh highs.... Only $20/pair!
>And so what is next? Well, I will probably be at "Philcon" in December. The
>end of November also marks the start of my web-site's fifth year on line and
>I am trying to think up fun ideas to celebrate, gosh, has it been that long?
>Happy masking!
>And what is new on Jovina's site?
>See pictures from Halloween here: http://jovinamask.tripod.com/id155.html
>From: Kerry <kerryjtv@aol.com>
>Kerry's Asia Trip
>Hi, I'm back from my two week trip to Tokyo and Beijing. Wow, what to add to
>the great reports by Yu and Rina? (thanks, girls!). Tokyo was very nice and
>a pleasure to walk around, particularly as all the fashionable women are
>wearing leather boots with nice, tall, thin heels (thank goodness those
>chunky heels of a few years back have gone out of fashion). It was great to
>again see my old friends there and meet some new ones. Natori took hundreds
>photos when we dressed up in the hotel room, and showed off his new anime
>mask which is another splendid piece of work. Afterwards we all went to
>dinner and had tons of delicious sashimi (I let the others order for me!).
>everyone shouldn't feel so guilty they couldn't understand my English, I
>talk far too fast and even my wife doesn't understand me much of the time
>either! Thanks to Rina for organizing everything, and everyone who took the
>trouble to attend.
>A real surprise to me is they now have Halloween in Japan! Apparently it was
>imported about 22 years ago by visiting Americans but now many, many clubs
>have Halloween parties, and a street parade in one Tokyo neighborhood
>over 3000 costumed participants each year. Department stores have Halloween
>displays, and many shops and restaurants were decorated with Halloween
>Who knew? China is picking it up as well, several clubs in Beijing had
>costume parties. Someone in a Spider-Man costume ended up on the front page
>of the
>(state run) daily paper the next morning. Sadly, I didn't participate in any
>public parties this year.
>The joke was whether I would find any maskers in Beijing and the answer was
>no. So I had to settle for being an ordinary tourist. China is a really
>"happening" place right now and completely focused on the 2008 Summer
>(there are so many billboards *everywhere* you'd think it's happening next
>Not surprisingly, things are pretty inexpensive in China, you could take a
>cab completely across the city for the equivalent of six U.S. dollars. The
>ution in the city was really bad the week we were there, but I suspect the
>lack of wind and warm temperatures were a factor trapping a lot of smog (it
>cleared up the night before we left). Back home now and back to work...
>Personal ads can run here free of charge for you to try to find other
>mask-friendly people in your area. Write a brief description of yourself,
>where you
>are located, and anything you might have in mind and send it to Kerry for
>here. Include an e-mail address so people can contact you directly. We
>assume no responsibility for anything that occurs as a result of these ads,
>always use common sense.
>From: Jovina <jovinamask@lycos.com>
>Due to a recent fluke in the price of airline tickets, Jovina has gotten a
>dirt cheap ticket to fly to Chicago to attend "Midwest Furfest", a furry
>convention that is held November 18 to 20 in the Chicago suburb of
>Schaumburg. At
>least three other mask enthusiasts have indicated they want to attend this
>event. You can see the website for this event at: http://www.furfest.org .
>I do
>plan to bring a female mask or two already in addition to a "fursuit". So if
>you would like to meet and say hello, contact me and we will see what can be
><www.angelinadoll.com> A very nice homemade latex dollsuit, with photos
>and a video.
>Contents (c)-2005 the individual contributors. The next edition will be out
>December 1st. As always, contributions are what make this Mailing List work,
>please send your article, news, or reply to something written here.
> Begin your search for Female Masks...
> http://www.maskon.com
> Based in Seattle, Kerry can be found at: KerryJTV@aol.com

No foolin', this month's list is so long I've had to send it as an attachment.  If you have a problem receiving it, let me know and I'll use an alternative method.  Enjoy!


                   Begin your search for Female Masks...
        Based in Seattle, Kerry can be found at: KerryJTV@aol.com  

T H E    F E M A L E    M A S K    M A I L I N G    L I S T 

April 1, 2006            Vol. 10, Number 118


- Editor's Note
- Kerry's San Francisco Trip Report
- Meeting Kerry In San Francisco By Rita Chante
- Being In Disguise At Events by Steffy
- Jamie's Santa Clara (Mini-)adventure
- Female Mask Site April News by Marti
- Connie's Comments
- The Case Of The Melting SHE Masks!
- What's New On The Net



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From: Kerry <kerryjtv@aol.com>


As many of you are aware, I spent a week in San Francisco to attend the big
Fetish Ball on March 18th, as well as two "warm up" events in the days leading
up to Saturday night. For those who can't wait, here are my pictures from the
Ball on my website: http://www.maskon.com/kerry/fetishball.htm . I also got to
spend a day with the famous Rubbersisters, Monica and Jacline. But let's do
this in chronological order:

Drove 815 miles on Tuesday the 14th from Seattle to San Francisco.  Got 40 miles
per gallon in my `95 Saturn.  Liz Walters had recommended I stay at the Days Inn
on Grove Street, just up the street from City Hall.  This proved an excellent
location (thanks, Liz, sorry you were out of town that week), very close to
where I needed to be.

Wednesday morning John Joss called me to arrange lunch on Thursday.  Then
Jacline called to say they were going to Sacramento (!) for an overnight shoot,
and I could meet up with them on Friday (I later found out they had already
spent that morning doing a photo shoot at Madame S's fetish shop -- talk about
the hardest working couple in show business...).  With the rest of the day wide
open, I called my Uncle and got him to invite me to dinner that night.  I spent
the day walking around downtown San Francisco, stopping by Madame S to pick up
my Fetish Ball tickets.  I had wanted to see an exhibit about the 100 year
anniversary of the great San Francisco earthquake at the Art Museum but they are
closed on Wednesdays!  I signed up for a free walking tour instead and then took
a bus up Van Ness Street to visit an Internet cafe to check e-mail and to find
the venue for Saturday night (I nearly walked right past it, the "Regency Grand
Ballroom" is a nondescript white building on Van Ness).  I spent so much time in
the sun that day I sunburned my forehead.  How embarrassing. 

Thursday I did a free tour of City Hall before meeting up with John Joss at a
local bistro around the corner from my hotel.  We had a nice chat and then he
sped off to meet with Monica and Jacline.  Later that afternoon it began raining
extremely hard.  It sounded like there were drummers on the hotel roof.  A
really nasty night.  After several hours, the rain lightened up and I went to a
restaurant the next street over for dinner by myself.  That night was the first
Fetish Ball event called "Gallery of Stars," basically a fetish photographic
exhibition opening at a nightclub called the DNA Lounge.  It was close enough to
walk to (I didn't want to lose my parking spot at the hotel), and by 10 PM I
didn't even need my umbrella.

I didn't dress up or anything, just wanted to look around, I wasn't expecting
anyone I knew to be there.  Several well-known fetish photographers had their
work displayed on the walls including Ken Marcus, Paige White and Larry Utley
(more about him later on...).  Maybe half the people came dressed in some sort
of fetish gear, and the entertainment included a three piece band called Lovejoy
and a charity auction.  I spent two hours not talking to anyone... until I was
just about to leave and these two lovely girls in rubber and high heels came in
and I couldn't take my eyes off them.  I decided to hang around a little while
longer and stalk...er, admire them, and after getting their drinks they walked
right over to where I was standing and I couldn't resist giving them a
compliment.  So we started talking and they said the reason they were two hours
late (and had basically missed the entire event, it was getting around midnight
at this point) was it took forever for them to catch a taxi (they were staying
at the sponsoring Nob Hill Hotel a few miles away).  Apparently when it rains in
San Francisco, cabs get scarce.  They had called for one but it never turned up,
and they had finally had to flag one down in the street.  Considering I was
intending to take taxis to the events on Friday and Saturday, this was not
encouraging news.  I handed them my business card at which point they said they
were from Seattle too!  What are the chances?  I told them to keep an eye out
for me at the ball on Saturday I'd be wearing something latex and purple (though
I didn't see them, I think they were modeling).  When I stepped outside the rain
had returned, although by Seattle terms it was merely drizzle (like the Eskimos
have 35 words for snow, Seattlites have 35 words to describe "rain").  While I
wished I had brought my umbrella with me, I only had to towel my hair off and
clean my glasses after I walked back to my hotel, my jacket didn't even absorb
any moisture.


Let me say upfront that I did not see Monica's bodysuit nor did I ask her about
it or how it was made. I figured she gets requests about this all the time,
especially from people who want her to make one for them.  I was more interested
in making a good impression on them and to get to know Monica and Jacline a bit.
I can say they are super-friendly and nice, which was a relief, you never what
sort of person you'll find under the mask, eh?  We met up at the house they were
staying at in the southern part of the city.  It was very kind of them to allow
me to hang out with them for a day, and help them with a photoshoot around San
Francisco as the Rubbersisters.  Steffy the Rubberdoll was also along (we were
both in our guy clothes), and we were pressed into service as dressers/grips to
assist in the shoot.  Steffy helped Monica around, while I made sure Jacline
didn't trip while walking in her super-high platform shoes, and make sure her
latex scarf was in position.  As we were driving between locations, someone
asked how many female maskers would be at the Ball Saturday night and I said,
"They're all sitting in this car." They chuckled but I would be proved right!
The best reaction all day was when we were stopped at an intersection by a
construction flagger.  He glanced in the car, saw Monica, did a double take, and
had this incredible look on his face.  He motioned to his buddies working nearby
and they were all waving and smiling.  Monica loved it.  I wish we had a shot of
the guy's reaction, it was priceless.

You can't help admire the professionalism and dedication that Monica and Jacline
bring to their art.  And it is art to them.  One of the most interesting things
Monica said to me the entire time was she felt she had only gotten 10% of the
way for what she is trying to achieve.  And while she couldn't exactly
articulate to me what that might ultimately be (though the reaction of the guy
at the intersection is part of it, she said), I believe she was entirely
serious.  They don't do the photographs and run their pay website just for the
money, they would still be doing this even if there were no website or no
internet.  I wish I took the whole masking thing as seriously, but compared to
Monica (or even Steffy), I realize that I am no perfectionist and essentially
very lazy (notice how few new models I've introduced in the past several
years?). But it was inspirational to hang around them and listen to their
philosophy.  Who knows, maybe next time I will work that little bit harder on a
project, maybe spend an extra hour making it "just right" rather than "good

(Allow me to digress for a moment and say that I always find it amusing when
someone tells me how "honored" they are able to chat with me online, or that
they are talking with the "great Kerry."  While I'm glad you admire my work,
please know that I make a huge distinction between being well-known and being
special.  No one should be intimidated by me or think I sit on some far
mountaintop in my Kerry Kastle looking down on the "little people."  I'm merely
a small business person, no different than the guy who works on your car, or a
baker who makes pretty cakes.  I love to get e-mail and I always reply to anyone
who writes me.  Not only is it good business sense but if you take the time to
write, I should have the courtesy to respond.  I love to chat with people in
public chatrooms and meet new people.  I don't have to have heard of you before
(or vice versa), just that you are also interested in masks.  And I love to meet
people at events like the Fetish Ball (nothing is cooler than when some stranger
says to me, "I've seen your website") or meeting one-on-one with folks like when
I was in San Francisco last month.  Maybe television has conditioned us to think
of celebrities as so much better and more important than the rest of us, but
make no mistake: I'm not a celebrity, and I'm no one special; I put my nylons on
one leg at a time like the rest of you.)

After the Rubbersisters photoshoot was over we hung out and then went over to
the nearby house where Steffy was staying.  From here later this evening about a
dozen people were going to convene to head to Studio Z together where the Friday
night event, "Club Enslaved," would occur.  Steffy, Monica, Jacline, their
friend Pupett and myself went to dinner at Joe's Diner (yes, we did indeed "Eat
At Joe's"!).  While chatting over dinner I found out that Monica has been
working on her look and her suits for the past 15 years.  Remember, I've only
been doing this a bit more than 10 years.  When I think about spending 15 years
developing through trial-and-error and refining a suit, I am again impressed
with Monica's dedication.

After dinner Monica and Jacline took off back to where they were staying so they
could change.  Monica had spent most of the day in costume, so was going to
slack off and go as a guy that evening (albeit in rubber).  Jacline wasn't
planning on wearing her Alice mask that night either, opting for a rubber
catsuit and open-eyed hood.  The plan was a bunch of cars would convoy everyone
assembled (I was invited to join in) to Studio Z around 10 o'clock; one car
would swing by to pick up Monica and Jacline from their place.  Steffy
disappeared downstairs to begin her two hour transformation, and I was left in
the house with a bunch of nice fetishists all in various states of preparedness.
My plan was to wear my mask/torso and do my "Emma Peel" look with my black lycra
catsuit.  I'd only need about 20 minutes to get ready, so I just hung around
chatting with other folks until 9:30 or so, then disappeared into a spare room
to change.  Carpooling with a bunch of people was a great opportunity for me:
one, I wouldn't have to worry about getting a cab from my hotel; and two, I'd
actually know some people at the event! 

As the crowd assembled at 10, we were all assigned cars and off we went, Steffy
was riding with me.  Studio Z had a large main room with a bar on each side and
a performance stage.  There was a smaller side room that was set up with various
S/M gear.  I have to confess, this particular venue and this particular crowd
weren't really my scene.  I've come to realize that the S/M community and I
don't mix.  They really aren't interested in the kind of outfits I wear (this
should have been a clue after my unsuccessful attempt to be a dealer at a S/M
club in Seattle last year), and all the bondage and torture scenes are not my
cup of tea.  My conclusion is wearing fetish wear is merely a means to an end
for S/M scensters, whereas to me the clothing is the entire point.  Hey, call me
vanilla but it's just where my tastes lie. 


The next morning I was a bit depressed.  Despite my fun during the day with
Monica and Jacline, the poor reaction I had gotten at Studio Z and my lack of a
good time there really put a damper on my whole trip.  I was sorely tempted to
just pack up and start heading home a day early and skip the Fetish Ball
completely.  But, I had come all that way, and spent the money, so I figured I
might as well go through the motions to get it over with.  I'm very glad I did,
as my reaction to the Fetish Ball, and the crowd there to me, would be a huge
contrast to Friday's S/M event.

My legs were sore after spending several hours in my boots the night before (and
those were my comfy boots too).  I wanted to minimize my walking around on
Saturday so I would be fully rested and ready for the Ball that night.  I walked
up Polk Street past a anti-war protest going on in front of City Hall, visited
the Internet cafe, and then saw "V For Vendetta" at a cinema.  Except for
breakfast, I didn't eat or drink anything the rest of the day (I didn't want to
have to worry about bathroom breaks once I was in my costume).

I talked to my wife that afternoon and she said at that very moment she was
sitting at home watching a cooking reality show ("Top Chef") on Bravo that was
filmed at Madam S in San Francisco.  I turned the TV on my hotel and sure
enough, there was the place I picked up my tickets on Wednesday!   What a
bizarre coincidence. 

The Ball on Saturday began at 9 PM and was scheduled to end around 2 AM. I aimed
to arrive around 10 PM or so, late enough so a crowd would begin to build but
not so early that I would burn out early. I figured it would take about 20 to 25
minutes to completely put on my Maskara suit and then the trick would be to get
a cab. Unfortunately you can't book one in advance in San Francisco on a
Saturday night, so I had to hope I wouldn't have to wait long for one once the
suit was completely on. I started putting everything on around 9:30 or so,
except for the mask and the gloves. The tricky part is getting the suit's
relatively skinny waist up over my padded hips. Anyone who has worn rubber knows
you work it on a little bit at a time. At 10 PM I called the first number the
hotel had given me for a cab company and it wouldn't connect. So I tried the
second number and was put on hold. Would they pick up? I needed to be ready if
they were coming, yet I didn't want to close up the mask and gloves until the
last possible moment. After 15 minutes on hold I got a dispatcher who said a cab
would be around in a few minutes but I would have to wait down in the car park
for it as they wouldn't come up to the room. I quickly put the finishing touches
on, grabbed my purse, and headed down. This was it!

Fortunately it wasn't too cold out, and no rain was predicted. But how long
would I have to wait for a cab? Did I remember to bring my room key with me? It
would be embarrassing to come back at 2 AM and have to ask the front desk for
another one while in costume. Yes, it was still in my purse, along with my ID, a
wad of business cards, the ticket (which I had narrowly forgotten), cash for the
taxi, and my digital camera. Some guests at the hotel were walking along the
second floor balcony. Would they see me? Should I care? Yes they did but their
reaction was great: "Was I going to the Fetish Ball?" I nodded. "You look like a
blow-up doll," they told me, smiling their approval. The night might just work
out alright after all. A few minutes later across the street a cab stopped,
honked and I walked towards it in my high-heeled boots. "You call a cab?" he
asked and I handed him the address for the Ball I had prepared earlier. A few
minutes later, I was there!

I had purchased a VIP ticket which had its own entrance.  I showed my ID to the
security person (who fortunately took it on faith I was the person under the
mask).  However she spotted my camera in my purse and started to give me a
hassle about it.  Apparently no cameras were allowed inside.  Oops.  She gave me
the option of taking it back to my car (a little hard in my situation) or giving
her the batteries.  I opted for the latter choice and apologized for my faux
pas.  She waved me in and another guy inside took my ticket and put a pink wrist
band on me to indicate my VIP status.  Then, not 10 feet further in, someone
asked to take my picture.  I said, "Sure," and they whipped out a small camera
and snapped a photo.  "Hmmm," I thought, considering the big deal the security
person had just made about my camera.  Inside the main ballroom, it seemed
everyone had a camera (based on the number of folks who asked to take my picture
that night).  Okay, this No Camera policy was clearly bogus.  Fortunately I had
back-up batteries with me, so I put them in my camera and was in business.

I knew being in my tight white Maskara boots would be painful, so I opted for 10
minutes of walking around, followed by 10 minutes of sitting to give my feet a
rest. About 45 minutes after I arrived, the Rubbersisters walked over and I
managed to get a quick shot of me and Monica together (you can see it on my
site).  I had thought she was going to create a special outfit for the ball, but
opted instead for a black catsuit and fishnets.  Then they disappeared for two
hours and I only saw them again just before I left. I was also keeping an eye
peeled for Steffy the Rubberdoll who I knew was wearing her Playboy bunny
outfit. How hard could it be to spot a six foot girl with rabbit ears?
Apparently, pretty hard, I didn't run into her until the last half hour I was

The main event was a fashion show put on by HW Designs and Mr S. Leather
featuring dozens of models on stage wearing the latest designs. I was able to
observe from the VIP balcony (completely worth the price because I could sit
down, it lasted nearly 45 minutes), and there was some very nice outfits. A
number of official press photographers were in front of the runway. From my
vantage point they all appeared to be balding, slightly overweight guys in their
50s. Is this a rule or something?

The atmosphere at the Ball was just about right for me and a huge contrast to
Friday.  I got a LOT of compliments and it seemed nearly everyone with a camera
wanted a photo of me.  I managed to get a few of myself as well by handing my
camera to strangers.  I gave out my business card to as many people as I could
(basically, anyone who talked to me!). 

Probably the highlight of the night for me was when I was in a sideroom sitting
on the arm of a sofa people watching. A photographer came over to take my photo
and I tried to stand to give him a better pose than just sitting on my ass. But
he motioned me back down and took a shot. I handed him my card so he'd know who
I was and he gave me his. I looked at the name: Larry Utley (remember? from
Thursday's exhibition?). Holy smokes! I vigorously shook his hand and thanked

It was getting around 1:30 AM, I had been there for three hours and wanted to
get a taxi and beat the rush at 2. I walked out front and asked one of the
security guys to hail a taxi for me. One pulled up but I misjudged where the
curb was and nearly fell over. I heard everyone gasping behind me as I almost
went down and someone asked if I was okay. I waved them off and clumsily climbed
into the back of the cab. Okay, zero points for style. I handed the driver the
card for the hotel and we were off.

Got back to my room and couldn't wait to take my boots off. It almost hurt worse
with them off than on. I couldn't even walk to the bathroom in bare feet. When I
finally did I had a shock: the right arm of my costume was completely torn. In
fact, the whole outfit was much worse for wear, I looked like a superhero who
had lost a particularly bad fight. I hoped this had happened at the taxi and
quickly checked my last photograph to confirm I hadn't been walking around with
the tear at the Ball. It was okay.  I have posted photos on my website showing
the "after" pictures.  But don't worry about the damage to the suit, folks, it's
all repairable and will be as good as new soon enough.

My attitude Sunday morning as I was leaving town was 180 degrees from the day
before when I was so depressed.  I felt the Ball was a big success and I had
achieved exactly what I had wanted in terms of the impact I made and the people
I saw.  In the future, this kind of fashion-oriented event would be definitely
the kind of place I would go and wear my outfits and feel welcome.

For complete details about the making of my latex Maskara suit, visit:


From: Rita Chante


At least once a month I see some entry on one of the Female mask group sites or
blogs that goes something like, "I am so glad to have found this site or group.
Until I found this site or group, I thought I was the only one with this desire
or fetish."  I remember expressing this very same feeling to Kerry eight or nine
years ago.  Until I found Maskon, I masked and wrote my "masked fiction" in the
solitude of my "closet".  Sometimes this "closet" was my private office other
times it was my garage and on occasion it was my camper.  There was also the
occasional business trip to a motel or hotel.  The sense of joy in sharing my
masking via photographs and posting my stories on the web was a real thrill for
me.  But after a few years the novelty began to wear off.  I also tired of the
"lookie-loos" who requested but never reciprocated. 

I began to realize that masking for me had become something that I wanted to
share and the virtual sharing of the Internet was no longer enough for me.  I
began to seek venues where this might happen.  I found like others who write
articles for this newsletter that science fiction conventions and anime
gatherings were great non-threatening places to mask, but then my desire to
female mask wasn't always in sync with the stated agenda of these activities.
The crowd at these events weren't masking as an end in itself like I was.  They
wanted to talk about Star Trek or Sailor Moon and not masking itself.

Thus I continued in my search for situations were I could female mask in public
or meet other maskers.  There were always the annual events in around Halloween,
but others with agendas and lifestyles very different from mine seem to have
taken over these activities.  Fortunately I have met a genetic female that masks
with me on occasion beyond Halloween.  She enjoys masked balls and masquerade
parties, but wonders why I always want to go as a female.  Since I tolerate her
criticisms, she tolerates my behavior.  On the other hand I still want to share
my fetish others that are equally addicted it.  Toleration is not the same thing
as identification or understanding.

All of the above along with my desire to put a face on a creative female masker
is why it was such a pleasure to meet with Kerry on on March 17, 2006, in San
Francisco.  Because of the inclement weather and horrific traffic along with
Kerry's pending appointment with the Rubber Sisters, our meeting was not as long
as I would have preferred.  I had also forgotten that it was St. Patrick's in
San Francisco and that meant that parking was going to be a problem.
Fortunately, the place Kerry was staying in had some limited free parking.  As
it turned out, our meeting was just long enough to recharge my batteries and
renew my commitment to meeting and sharing with others with my masked fetish.

I have corresponded with Kerry for several years now, but in this meeting I
found out that there was a lot more to this wonderful person than a desire to
make so many of us happy with her latex creations.  I guess in many ways the
virtual reality of the Internet is a two dimensional thing and actually meeting
with a person in a "safe space" allows for a multidimensional exchange.  We were
able discuss a variety of topics related to our masking activities and share our
feelings with each other in a way that you just can't make happen via a computer
keyboard. Body language is a great part of inter-active communication and much
of it is lost in a computer-based dialogue.

Without going into details of the visit I think it is safe to say that the
contact was soooo much more personal than I would have ever imagined.  Kerry is
a wonderful conversationalist and put me at easy within seconds of opening the
door to her room.  I found myself enjoying hearing things said that so mirrored
my feelings and desires.  We discussed the wearing of masks and how Kerry's many
and different latex creations fit me.  We also spent time talking about how her
wonderful masks compared to the other masks that I have in my collection. 

For those precious moments with Kerry, I didn't feel like the only Female masker
in the world.  However, I was saddened to hear from Kerry that other maskers in
the San Francisco Bay Area had not taken the opportunity to meet with her.  I
guess that once again the secret and closeted fears of so many female maskers
prevented them from meeting with this humble giant in our community.  As I drove
back to my home I felt guilty that I wasn't able to return on the following day
and be a good regional host.

My meeting with Kerry has renewed my interest in setting up a series of
face-to-face, mask-to- mask meetings where the type of exchanged that I had with
Kerry can be replicated.  We already have masking as a common ground and a
common ground is always a good place to start a series of relationships.
Cultures and ideas only survive and grow when they are shared.  Liz and Marti
helped me to realize this when I met with them.  Once again, I want to thank
Kerry for her part in making Female masking and the sharing of that reality
happen for me.


From:  Steffy the Rubberdoll

Being in disguise at events.

In this case the San Francisco Fetish Ball. I must first of all state that I
don't don't consider myself as being in disguise when I am dressed, but another
entirely different person. The fact that I don't look anything like my "normal"
persona is a great benefit as I can go about my normal life's activities without
being recognized...which is disappointing for STEFFY as she is a definite
attention addict.

The ball was hyped to be a great thing and had all of the elements to be so but
to my mind it fell short of the mark in many ways. My German friends Pupett,
Mathiass, and RubberSisters all felt the same way when we compared notes. The
things that bothered me were that a lot of people made a great effort to dress
in fetish wear and had come to experience the fetish and make new friends and
chat with old ones. The music was SO loud that one couldn't really talk or
communicate which is even worse for maskers because our hearing is even more
inhibited due to the mask. The other thing that bothered me was the rudeness of
some of the attendees (the gay leather men group as near as I could tell) who
pushed and bumped their way through the crowd. This is the way that latex gets
ripped or damaged. I didn't like that there was a privileged strata depending on
how much you had paid for your ticket and that many of the celebrities were no
where to be seen which for many would be disappointing as meeting their  fetish
icons is part of the experience. The organizers didn't take the opportunity to
acknowledge the fact that they had celebrities visiting them from Europe and
missed what I saw to be a golden opportunity to further add credit to this
event. So I gave it a five out of ten.

So what did I like?  I liked the fact that I was in a place where I could be
seen and meet old friends and have an opportunity to give people a chance to see
what a rubber doll is all about along with female masking. As many of you may be
aware I am quite used to being in public while dressed, as with my rubber
cousins Rubber Sisters so an event such as the fetish ball would not be the only
opportunity we had of pursuing our fetish. I really enjoyed having the
opportunity to meet Kerry in her costume.... quite stunning. I find I enjoy the
company of other like minded fetishists as one can learn a lot from them and I
think information exchange in this regard is invaluable to our development as
maskers. I was indeed very fortunate to be able to spend as much time as I did
with Rubber Sisters, two of the very best of our masking/ female rubber doll
fetish.  Both Monica and I discovered that we were so very similar in our
approach to resolving the problems and issues surrounding our characters. It was
also interesting to learn that we had come to the same conclusions independently
of one another from opposite sides of the world. We had never met before this
event and I had had only very limited correspondence with them. I actually
discovered them on the Maskon.com when I first contacted Marti about having her
post a gallery for me. Thank you Marti and Kerry. Without your site I might
never have gotten to where I am today.

Kerry informs me that many of our masking friends are very timid about meeting
others. I can understand your nervousness about actually making physical
contact. I was that way when I first wanted to meet others. Fortunately the need
to chat with others face to face overpowered my acute nervousness. Boy was I
ever nervous at that first meeting.  I thought everyone was looking at me. Well
that all changed as I became comfortable with myself and my fetish. Here's the
rub: if you want to enjoy your masking more and have more opportunities to do it
you will eventually have to make contact with others. So...... go for coffee,
meet for dinner, meet at a kink friendly club and try to become a comfortable
little clan that can schedule regular get togethers. This will broaden your
horizons and increase the opportunities for dressing. Think of it a support
group for what you do as I know many of you do this secretly due to personal
situations at home etc. You don't have to dress or mask when you meet either as
sometimes its good just to talk about things in the company of others who
understand the same problems. Try it...you see how easy it can be to become more
comfortable with all of this.

I hope I have been able to offer some positive suggestions and opinions for you
all. I am very happy to answer questions if you wish to contact me. You can
reach me at: steffytherubberdoll@shaw.ca


From:  Jamie

My Santa Clara (mini-)adventure

It turns out that my work happened to be sending me to a conference in Santa
Clara the same week that Kerry was going to be in San Francisco, so I mentally
decided that this would be "a trip of firsts" for me.

It would be the first time I carried my mask and outfits with me, possibly; the
first time (if I were brave enough) to meet another masker; a chance to meet the
legendary Kerry.  (And Kerry, I'm not just saying that to get on your good side,
to me your are legend)

So as not to keep you in suspense, I'll tell you right now that I did not work
up the courage to contact Kerry.  That is my loss, but it is not the end of my
story.  I still made this trip a trip of firsts and if you can bare with this
lengthy email, I'll try and get to my story.

Now I know that for many of you traveling with your masking gear is "no big
deal".  For me, this would be the first time and I was a bit apprehensive and
all these questions were running through my mind; "Would airport security search
my bag?", "What if an airport employee, helps themselves to my breast forms?,
"What if I'm pulled aside and asked questions about my 'disguise'?"  Of course
nothing happened. I simply checked my bag and it made the trip out and back
without incident.

The next "first was that because I had my stuff with me and I was alone all
week, I was able to and did mask every night.  My final night I was masked over
six hours. It was fantastic.

I had a problem, though.  My masking hobby budget is rather meager and so I have
never picked up a decent pair of heels.  I've wanted always wanted some of those
skyscraper heels that make you legs look so sexy.

Ok, only 5 inches, but it's a start.  I figured there HAD to be several fetish
shops in the San Francisco area.  Well, my "googling" skills apparently suck and
the only thing I turned up was Mr. S Leathers, which didn't exactly seem like
the best venue for high heels.

Frustrated, I took a low-tech approach, the telephone book and started flipping
the pages.  I finally hit the "Costumes" section and surprise, surprise, I saw a
listing for Pierre Silber (pierresilber.com).  I did a quick online search of
the address and found out that their retail store was only SEVEN miles from my

Now it was time for the next "first".  I just HAD to go to pierre silber and
pick up a couple of items for myself, especially those 5" high heels I've been
dying to get.  The question was... would I chicken out on that as well?

As I sat there on the edge of the bed in my Emeraald mask staring at my
reflection in the mirror, I told myself, "What the Hell."  I'm 2000+ miles from
home, no one around here knows me and bottom line, pierresilber only wants the
money. They don't care where it comes from.

So the next afternoon (in drab), I head for the store.  It turns out their
"store" is part of their warehouse, not exactly your normal storefront.  I took
a deep breath, heart pounding and entered the place. 

There was no one at the counter, but there was a wonderful array of shoes,
boots, lingerie and other items to distract me from my nervousness.  Finally I
was approached by a very nice woman who I'll call V.

She quickly put me at ease and helped me with finding what I was looking for.
When she asked, "What size is she?", Remembering my "what the hell" thoughts
from last night, I looked at her and said, "My size."  She smiled.  V. was very
helpful, gave me suggestions, and even suggested that I might want to check
things out in the dressing room... WHICH I DID!!  Another first!

I left the shop, excited by my new acquisitions, a pair of 5" heels, a corset,
and a latex dress!  Back to my hotel room I pulled everything out and I realized
there was a tear in the corset.  So there would be a return trip to the store,
but not
before I spent the evening parading around the hotel room in my form fitting
latex dress.  Now if I just had a form worth fitting. :)  In spite of that I
took many pictures and downloaded them to my PDA.

The next day, I call the store to confirm that it is ok to return the defective
corset. No problem they say.  I return to the store, now more exhilarated than
nervous, the ice having been broken.  I met up with V. again and with her help,
decide that the corset is more for looks than for figure enhancement. Therefore,
I opt to exchange the corset for a black lace dress and a new wig.

Next I did something more bold than I've ever done before. As V. was ringing up
the sale, I asked, "So, do you want to see?"
Being the geek that I am, I was still carrying my PDA containing last nights
pictures.  She said, "sure." and so I showed her the pictures of me in my latex
dress!  She complimented me on the success of my illusion. She was a bit taken
by the mask, but thought it still made for an interesting look.

So while, I missed the opportunity to meet Kerry (my loss), I still managed to
have a small adventure of my own and I look at it as a small step towards
further adventures.

Maybe my next adventure will be to send some pictures to Marti to post on her


From: Marti <martifm@aol.com>

Female Mask Site April News by Marti

No fooling! Yes, it is April 1st, but I'm not fooling when I say I have made
more serious revisions on the Female Mask web site.

When I last deleted older files and galleries no one complained! This recent
purge resulted in several former contributors asking what happened. I have
managed to regain about 30+ MB of disk space. That is what happened!

Rather than save contributions for a large update at infrequent intervals, I
know update within a few days of receiving new pictures. Often the update is the
same day! The result is less work for me of course. People are viewing the site
more often according to the hit counters. I happy to say I am also getting more
contributions and even some new maskers! I hope no one thought I had lost
interest in the site? I have just been so busy in the new house and working on
Janet and my store and web site. Doing frequent and smaller updates is so much

Future additions? I've had some thoughts about adding an area where we can
exchange ideas on not only do it yourself mask making, but also suggestions on
how to improve masks we have that just don't look right or perhaps don't fit
well. An example would be the poorly fitting open eyes on the MakUpArtist and
Greyland Films masks. I know some of you have found ways to fix these problems
and I don't mean using computer graphics to "fix" you images! If I start a "Do
It Yourself" page will you contribute to it?

This July will mark the 10th Anniversary of my site! It's really amazing when
you think about it. Not many fetish sites have been around that long. The
maskers who had Yahoo and Geocities sites are finding out that they are at the
mercy of the "Terms of Agreement" these providers impose. The result, in a few
cases, has been the deletion of their sites. I'd like to do something really
special for the July 10th Anniversary. I'm open for suggestions. It's hard to
think of something new. Perhaps you can?

At the time I'm writing this Jovina's Spring Fling is going on. I wish I could
have attended this year but I am unable. Two torn rotator cuff surgeries on the
same shoulder in the past six months have limited my travel and time because of
rehabilitation therapy. I will be staying with Jovina in late May while I attend
a convention in Washington, DC. We hope to spend some time masking and taking
pictures. I want to add to my gallery on the site also! No fooling!


From: Connie  <conniefcd@yahoo.co.uk>

As a very new masker on the net, but a long time viewer, I feel a few comments
in response to Jovina`s item 'Female masking going private' might be of

First off, based on admittedly very limited contact with other maskers, I get
the feeling that there is a huge amount of loyalty in the masking world towards
Marti. We all want our pictures there. But as Marti has said from time to time
he does have a life, and I for one can understand that only too well. Updating
the site must be an awesome job. The net effect, however, is long intervals
between updates on Maskon. This drives us enthusiastic newcomers to look for
other outlets to fill in, and the groups fit the bill. To date I have kept what
I consider my best pictures for Maskon. It is still the place to be seen, but I
have used two groups..

Another point may be that even total internet novices like me could possibly set
up a group. It seems all you have to do is follow the Yahoo boxes. I have not
tried, and I have no plans to try, so I may be wrong on this, but this is the
impression I get. The alternative of setting up a sophisticated site like
Jovina`s, or Maskon itself, is far too difficult to contemplate. Hence more

With Marti sadly having to close down some of the older sites, many of which I
miss, through lack of space, it is clear he could not handle the volume of
masking images that are now available without incurring extra cost. So far as I
am aware the groups are free, presumably this is a factor?.

I say. Long Live Maskon! The posting of the updates may take 3 to 4 months but
they are something to look forward to. I wonder how many of the 2,000,000 hits
are me checking daily?!!!

On a slightly different tack. I have been frustrated to discover my entire
catalogue of images from Maskon and thefemalemaskgroup has recently been lifted
by another site I was not even a member off, and of course without my
permission.(I discovered when I joined the group at the weekend). I like to pick
and choose where my images are posted. In due course I may have chosen to post
some images there, but my policy to date has been to avoid any duplication.
Finding the same old images on every site is a bore and I had hoped not to
contribute to that. Am I right to be unhappy about this? I have asked for them
to be removed, only time will tell if they do - they are still there today(1st
March). Is everyone suffering from having their images pirated? Do other maskers
care? There is certainly a lot of duplication out there as Jovina comments. Is
inside knowledge necessary to do pirating?  I for one would not know where to

Another thought - The use of groups is probably an evolutionary step. What about
Yahoo 360? What about Profiles? They are so easy to do, maybe groups won`t last
long and Maskon will, hopefully,still be there when the groups days are long

[Later she wrote:]

Further to my response to Jovina`s item I have been wondering about an attempt
to judge the mood of the masking fraternity towards pirating their images. My
questions the other day were largely rhetorical but a questionnaire might be
useful. I would like to target fellow maskers who publish images, separate from
and as well as, web surfers. Where to put such a questionnaire is a tricky
decision. This Mask Mailing List must go to non-maskers as well as the central
figures in the masking world, so here might be a good start if you are happy
with the idea.

If you think this is a worthwhile idea and it has not been done a thousand times
before, would it be possible to post these questions - and any others you and
Jovina think I have overlooked?

1. Should masking images be copied to new sites without the knowledge or
permission of the original contributor?
2. Is it useful to have images duplicated over several very similar mask sites?
3. Is it useful to have images duplicated on non-masking sites?
( I have posted some images on one non-masking site. For anyone interested look
at Nicci Tristan`s Yahoo profile or her group at
http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/rubber_nicci_fashionandfetish/ . She is
possibly the best looking non-masked TV I`ve found on the net and I feel
privileged to have a few images on her site in such beautiful company! Her
rubber outfits are superb!)
4. Should new sites starting up be encouraged to take images from established
sites with permission to give them a start?
5. Should new sites starting up be encouraged to take images from established
sites without  permission to give them a start?
6. Should we care what others do with our images?

Please indicate into which of the following categories you fall:

A. I am a female masker who has posted images on the net (information on where
would be useful)
B. I am a female masker who has not posted pictures on the net.
C. I am a cd/tv/ts who has posted non-mask images on the net (information on
where would be useful).
D. I am a cd/tv/ts who has not posted any images on the net.
E. I am a net surfer who just enjoys looking.

Unless advised to the contrary all emails will remain confidential.

If this topic interests you and you feel moved to respond please send answers
either to Kerry or me at conniefcd@yahoo.co.uk .



The case of the melting SHE masks!

By Jovina <jovinamask@lycos.com>

I have several "She" masks in my collection, some of which are as purchased, and
some of them customized by myself.  Recently I was quite disturbed to make a
discovery concerning them.... They are MELTING!  As we all know, latex is
certainly not a permanent material, but with care, should give many years of
use.  So what is going on?

I first became aware of the problem on a particular mask of mine that I have
referred to as "Jett".  I had taken a stock She mask and removed the hair and
had finished it in a dark mahogany shade.  It was sitting on a Styrofoam head
and underneath the chin, the rubber was slightly crunched up, but something did
not look right about it.  I took it off the head and to my horror, the fold in
the rubber straightened out, minus all the rubber in the fold, which was now
wadded up in a gooey ball on both sides of the gaping hole!  I quickly checked
out the other three she masks in the collection: the one that I had painted
green for the "Alien Princess outfit at Dragoncon seemed to be OK, and the one
that I had painted stark white with burgundy lips seemed to be fine as well.
But the single unmodified one left in the collection did not look right.  Sure
enough, upon poking and prodding at it, the whole underside of the chin and
places around the eyes and nose were soft and mushy.  This was certainly
unwelcome news!  The masks in my collection currently are out in the open, but
not exposed to any direct sunlight (the collection has outgrown the closet!).
But what did the two that were experiencing problems have in common?  Both of
these masks were purchased at approximately the same time during the Halloween
season during 2001 and were the oldest two that I had.  The green one was
purchased in 2003 and the white one was purchased off ebay and is of unknown
age.  None of them had been exposed to anything that the entire collection has
not been exposed to.  For now, I placed the masks back on Styrofoam heads and
separated them from the rest of the collection.  Then I started to do a little
bit of checking around and I found out that at least two other maskers have also
had the "melting experience" and purchased replacements.  The two that are
already experiencing problems are continuing to degrade, the chin of the
unpainted one has now actually fallen off!

From this, I have to wonder if the latex used in making the she masks is an
inferior grade that is especially prone to degrading in this way.  I don't have
any other Don Post masks in the collection to compare against, but it does make
sense that they would be made from a less durable grade, since they are expected
to be a temporary item anyway.  This is a shame since it is such a nice fitting
mask otherwise, I even had an email from the man who did the sculpture for it
(or so he claims) complimenting me for the "interesting uses" and modifications
that I have put it through.  For the two that are still OK, they have an outside
layer of paint on them, and I plan to put a thin layer of new latex on the
inside as well, to see if this extends their life.

So again, let's hear from other people out there, have you had any experiences
with she masks (or any of Don Post's creations) melting away?  If so, write in
here and let us know!

Happy masking!


Still nothing new on my site, but that is because I have been getting ready for
another one of my "infamous gatherings", and by the time you read this, people
will already be here for this year's "Spring Fling".

A URL has been set up for information on the Doll Convention that we are putting
together for next year. You can find this information at:
http://www.dollcon.info . Site construction is in process at the moment and it
may be another week or so until all the bugs are out and it is working
properly.... The thrill of using a new provider and learning his quirks!

And Jovina will be traveling again!  I will be sent down to the city of
Victoria, Texas, possibly the week of April 24, but this date is subject to
change.  It there are any maskers in that area interested in saying hello, get
in touch with me at jovinamask@lycos.com .



<http://www.rubberpal.com/> RubberPal is the latest online community for folks
who like rubber. It's free to join and you can share e-mail, photos, chat.

<http://www.ladyleopardess.com/ljstuff/LIC/SF%20Fetish%20Ball/> Kat's Fetish
Ball photos directory. There's even ones with Kerry and Steffy.

<http://www.maskon.com/marti/station.htm> As noted above, the Female Mask
Homepage has been extensively updated lately.


Contents (c)-2006 the individual contributors (thanks, everyone!).  The next
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T H E    F E M A L E    M A S K    M A I L I N G    L I S T 

July 1, 2006            Vol. 10, Number 121


- Editor's Note
- Masked Girls In Switzerland
- Kim Netto Video
- A Visit From Marti
- Yuri Tsukino Passes Away
- Marti's 10th Anniversary This Month
- What's New On The Net



If you are getting this in error, have a correction or change to your address, or wish to be removed from our mailing list, please e-mail Kerry <kerryjtv@aol.com> and I will deal with it promptly.

Your address is confidential.  No one else on this list can see it. Currently there are 527 subscribers.  Welcome new readers!  The purpose of this mailing list is to be a discussion group for people to share stories, news, comments, questions, etc. all pertaining to Female Rubber Masks. Your participation is essential.  If you don't help contribute, there's no list! Send your submissions to <kerryjtv@aol.com> with the Subject head: Mask Mailing List. Kerry will edit and compile your letters in a digest format and send it out on a periodic basis. Just like "Dear Abby" you can have your letter signed with whatever name you choose to use.  Your e-mail address will be included only if you specifically tell me it's okay to add.  A file containing the first two volumes (issues 1-26) is available from me as a 209K zipped file that I send out about twice a month.  Volumes Three (issues 27-39), Four (#40-51), Five (#52-62), Six (#63-74), Seven (#75-86), Eight (#87-98), Nine (#99-110) and Ten (#111- ) are also available. Just drop me a note if you want to see what has gone on before and be patient until I get around to sending it.


From: Kerry <kerryjtv@aol.com>


Going to be near Zurich, Switzerland between July 7-9th?  You might be interested in a performance art piece being put on there with three masked girls at the new building of the ZHdK (University of Art) as part of a display called "Going West."  I sold them three Sheila masks and if I understood their ringleader correctly, they will be wearing them for 72 hours as part of the exhibition.   If you need more details, contact me and I'll pass it on to you.



Mistress Madienne's husband, Kim Netto was featured in a Dutch TV documentary recently called "Bizar on Byzander" showing Kim's transformation into a doll (yes, you can see her unmasked).  It's not in English but nevertheless, you can watch it online:



From: Jovina <jovinamask@lycos.com>

A Visit From Marti

Well, Spring Fling had ended and there were lots of pictures taken.  But what was next?  Well, it turns out that the answer to that question was known already.  Marti had contacted me and mentioned that he was planning on attending an event (non-mask related) in Washington DC during the week around Memorial day.  Could I put him up for the duration and help him get some fresh pictures?  Sure!  And so plans were made and Marti was on his way with masks and outfits at the ready.  And so on the Thursday evening before Memorial day, Marti arrived;  I had already scheduled a day off for Friday so that I could take him downtown and show him around, help him prepare for his event, and how to use the Metro fare cards.

It just so happened that Memorial Day weekend is also the date for the "Balticon" sci-fi convention, the event that "Mini-Maskon" was originally piggybacked onto, and so we decided to head out there for Saturday and check it out again.  We checked out the dealer room and then went our separate ways for a while.   One of the panels that was offered was on "How to make a duct tape double," which is a technique for making a clothing dummy of yourself by applying tape and then cutting it off.  They asked for volunteers and so I put my hand in the air, and before long, found my self being taped up.  Marti then arrived on the scene and captured the process in a few pictures.  After a few more panels, we headed back to my house for some masked picture taking.  Marti had recently acquired two used Natori masks and had brought them along.  And so I got out a green Chinese dress and we got some good pictures of Marti wearing both of them.  I decided to return to Balticon on Sunday but Marti stayed behind and took some more pictures.  He put on some PVC and tried out my "Cat Girl" kig head along with some Greyland masks that he had brought along.  When I returned, Marti also wanted to try out a gold "Mermaid" zentai suit that I had obtained.  "How do I walk around in this thing?" he asked, and the answer is, "You don't": it is purely for picture taking!  But soon Marti had to take off downtown for some activities involved in the other event.

Monday was a holiday and I didn't have to go to work, YEA!  Marti went back downtown for his event and told me approximately when he would return.  And so I made myself busy for the day until about a half hour before Marti's return.  I started transforming myself, first with the proper foundation garments and then with one of my schoolgirl outfits.  I then waited until close to Marti's expected return time for the rest of the change.  I put on one of the Natori masks that was quite Asian-looking to complete my look and waited for Marti.  Soon he appeared and I greeted him with a paddle in hand and said "Oh Marti, I have been a bad schoolgirl and tried on one of your lovely masks without permission, I must be punished".  Marti looked at me and said; "You want punishment?  Go fix my dinner!"  Well, perhaps Marti would like to have fun in another way!  So I began posing as Marti played cameraman and I was the sweet schoolgirl.  Then I did a quick outfit change and tried on the other Natori mask which looked a bit more European.  So now I looked to be the proper business lady while Marti continued to click away.  We shot a bunch of them in the bathroom as I primped and combed my hair, always a popular choice!

Tuesday arrived and I had to return to work and Marti went to his event as well.  But there was still time for evening picture taking.  Anthrocon would be along soon (see a report on this later!) and I had been working on some outfits for that event.  Among my recent acquisitions was a leather mask of a fox that had a second mask that went over the fox's face.  I was planning on using this to create a very sinister looking outfit by combining it with a black "Sith robe" and black zentai suit.  A black leather dress over top with leather gauntlets, thigh high boots and a light saber completed the look.  And so I introduced Marti to "Darth Vixen".  The pictures we took were very sinister looking indeed!  Not quite a female mask in the conventional sense, but female none-the-less.  We then took a break until Thursday and then it was Marti's turn to try her out.  He put on a black Zentai suit with a black corset and struck up a bunch of poses with the light saber, and then I did the same in my outfit.  We hope to combine these later into some simulated fight scenes!

We then took another break until Saturday.  After a museum visit in the morning, we returned for some serious picture taking.  I had placed a group order for some zentai suits and they had arrived, some of them were for me and some for Marti and so we needed to get some pictures in those. We started out with Marti wearing a Leopard print suit with tail and ears attached.  Nice kitty ..hehehe.  Then he changed over to a blue metallic suit with a blue wig that I had.  Well, it just so happened that I had a matching suit with another blue wig and so we got some shots together in those.  Now it was time to try out the new suits.  Marti had selected one that was green and white with ears and a face that resembled some type of elf creature that proved quite interesting.  While he was changing out of that, I took a turn in one of my new ones, a camouflage pattern.  Instead of putting up the hood on this one, I put it on backwards so that it was hidden in the back and tried out some of my new Greyland masks.  An M1 carbine with folding stock completed the dangerous look.  Meanwhile, Marti had changed into another suit that was blue and had a superhero look to it; do we know how to have fun or what?  Finally, I tried on one last new suit, a purple zentai suit that had an attached full length dress.

Sunday arrived and it was the last full day of Marti's visit.  I decided not to put on any outfits and let Marti be the star in order to maximize the number of pictures he would take home.  First off, Marti wanted to try out my Vac bed.  He selected a latex bodysuit to wear with a latex hood that had perforated eye holes.  In he went, and I turned on the vacuum.  I think he wants one for Christmas now!  So now it was time for a few more masked pictures.  Marti had brought along a red dress with red fishnets and gloves to which we added my "Kanakig" mask.  What a delightful combination!  After a few pictures Marti then wanted to try out my Renee mask from Nikki.  Hey, guess what?  Marti had not been put onto the St. Andrews cross and so the lady in red was strapped on for some more pictures.  When we were done, Marti asked: "You are going to let me down aren't you?"  Hmmm, shall we bargain here?  Hehehe.  Well, I am a generous person and so I let him off easy.  One more outfit change, and Marti looked quite penitent in a black spandex nun's habit, always a crowd pleaser!

And so it finally ended with Marti departing the next morning.  So what is next on Jovina's schedule?  Well, ANTHROCON.  By the time this issue comes out, it will have come and gone, and I will be writing up a report on it, so stayed tuned!


And what is new on Jovina's site?  Well, I have SLOWLY been getting the last of the Spring Fling pictures on line, and then a lightning strike blew up my computer center!  But, I have gotten it back up and running now, and so there are more pictures up since last month, so if you haven't been there recently, GO! The Spring Fling entry page is here:


Marti will be putting up some of his new pictures for his 10th anniversary update, so be sure to look for them.  I will start putting some up in the near future as well.



According to a posting on Zephier's Rabbit in the Moon website forum <http://www.rabbitinthemoon.us>, American kigurumi cosplayer Yuri Tsukino <http://www.yuriskigurumi.com/> passed away on June 19th at the age of 48.  Marti said, "He was a kind and giving person.  Lived in North Carolina for some time and almost made it to one of Jovina's gatherings.  Moved to Texas last year and got a new job. He did software development. " 



Marti was going to write an article here but it didn't arrive.  But on July 8th, it will be the 10th anniversary of the Female Mask Homepage.  Marti is planning a very special update and if you have something you'd like to contribute, send it to her now: martifm@aol.com .  Kerry and Rogue have cooked up a new two-page photo comic we hope you will enjoy among other things.



< http://www.geocities.com/jade_tdao/ > Jade's site.  She will seem VERY familiar to many of you.


Contents (c)-2006 the individual contributors (thanks, everyone!).  The next edition will be out August 1st.  As always, contributions are what make this Mailing List work, please send your article, news, or reply to something written here.
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        Based in Seattle, Kerry can be found at: KerryJTV@aol.com  

T H E    F E M A L E    M A S K    M A I L I N G    L I S T 

February 1, 2006            Vol. 10, Number 116


- Editor's Note
- Rubbersisters Coming To San Francisco
- Kerry Needs Eyelashes
- Victim Of E-Mail Spoofing
- Jovina; LIVE; on the radio!
- Doll Convention in 2007
- What's New On The Net



If you are getting this in error, have a correction or change to your address, or wish to be removed from our mailing list, please e-mail Kerry <kerryjtv@aol.com> and I will deal with it promptly.

Your address is confidential.  No one else on this list can see it. Currently there are 524 subscribers.  Welcome new readers!  The purpose of this mailing list is to be a discussion group for people to share stories, news, comments, questions, etc. all pertaining to Female Rubber Masks. Your participation is essential.  If you don't help contribute, there's no list! Send your submissions to <kerryjtv@aol.com> with the Subject head: Mask Mailing List. Kerry will edit and compile your letters in a digest format and send it out on a periodic basis. Just like "Dear Abby" you can have your letter signed with whatever name you choose to use.  Your e-mail address will be included only if you specifically tell me it's okay to add.  A file containing the first two volumes (issues 1-26) is available from me as a 209K zipped file that I send out about twice a month.  Volumes Three (issues 27-39), Four (#40-51), Five (#52-62), Six (#63-74), Seven (#75-86), Eight (#87-98), Nine (#99-110) and Ten (#111- ) are also available. Just drop me a note if you want to see what has gone on before and be patient until I get around to sending it.


From: Kerry <kerryjtv@aol.com>


I was able to confirm Monica and Jacline will be making their first (as far as I know) visit to the United States when they travel to San Francisco for the Fetish Ball there March 16-19th.  You can read about the Fetish Ball at: http://www.sffetishball.com .   I plan on going (wait until you see my new outfit!) and hopefully get a chance to meet with them. 



Last December, I called my distributor where I have been buying Jerome Russell false eyelashes for the past eight years to place an order.  They told me Jerome Russell had a change in management and was getting out of the eyelash business.  They had no more in stock to sell me!  I have done several unsuccessful searches on the Internet looking for a good source for eyelashes that don't cost at least $3 each (I was paying $1.70 a pair for the Jerome Russell ones).  Right now, I can buy some from my local costume shop for $2.50 but that is still a lot (plus I have to go there every week to get more, rather than ordering 50 pairs at a time via mail order as I used to).  So this is a request for help to find a RELIABLE cheap source of eyelashes where I can order as many as I want at a time (hopefully in the United States).  Help me keep prices low by keeping my costs low.  Thanks.



Kerry here, one last time!  Marti told me last week she received an e-mail virus that supposedly was sent from my e-mail account.  I knew it hadn't come from me, and sure enough we checked the message's headers and it originated from someone on verizon.com.  Folks, in 2006 it is downright irresponsible not to be running virus protection software on your computer.  It is the equivalent to leaving your car unattended with the keys in the ignition and the doors unlocked.  So, if you get a suspicious e-mail from me (or anyone) in the future, check the headers and see if really came from that person.  More likely some idiot got a virus, it found an e-mail address in their address book at random to spoof and then replicated itself. 


From: Jovina  <jovinamask@lycos.com>

Jovina; LIVE; on the radio!

Hello maskers!  January has been a quiet month, no conventions in the area to go to and still recovering from the holidays.  There is however, an event that came out of nowhere, and involved no masking at the time, but was fun never the less.  Jovina was on the radio!  Yep, live too!

Well, it all started with an email from a person who identified himself as a person who arranges program material for a radio station.  He said that the station routinely searched the internet for "the unusual" and in doing so had stumbled across my site, which they figured certainly fit the bill!  What he wanted to do was to bring me on air live and interview me about masking.  The station was a rock located in Kansas City and the show was the morning talk show.  So I did a little bit of research and found the radio station's website here: http://www.989therock.com .  I did a bit more research by contacting Angel and she told me that she indeed knew of the station and that the morning crew was "a pervy bunch" anyway and probably got a big kick out of the site.  I called the guy who originated the email and he assured me that they weren't out to attack me in any way or put on a freak show, just wanted to talk about the site and masking.  I figured that I could always hang up if they started getting obnoxious and so agreed to do it on one of my days off, Martin Luther King day.  And by the way, when they found my site, the whole station came over to check it out.

And so the day arrived.  Angel told me that they had indeed been plugging the interview on air that morning and had not been making a freak show out of it.  So at the appointed time, they called me up, and there I was on air with "Johnny Dare".  The interview started out with a question of "can you tell us, just what is female masking anyway".  My answer to that is that it was a great way to combine cross dressing and a rubber fetish into one fetish.  The next question was a little bit ominous "What are these masks made of, they are not made of skin are they?"  Well, this could take a turn for the nasty!  And so I simply said that no, they are made of latex, it does the job quite well.  Fortunately, this was the low point, from there, it took on a question and answer format about where I do this, what are these "events" that I put on, how do people react.   All of the typical questions that you would expect.  And so it went for fifteen minutes, explaining that most people were quite amused and amazed at what they saw and negative reactions were very few and far between.  I even pointed out to them that there were a few maskers right there in Kansas City!  And so it finally ended and I was off the air.

I made a call to Angel a bit later and she said that it sounded quite well over the air.  In an ironic twist, the station was giving away tickets to some event in town and she called in and won some.  They asked her if she had gone and checked out the site and she told them that she was ON the site!  They discussed putting her on the air as well, but it did not come about. Another masker in Kansas City said that he heard the broadcast as well and also said that it sounded pretty good.  He also included though that Johnny made a few cracks later about "boy, that sure was a weird one this morning, wasn't it?"

And so what was the end result?  Well, according to my traffic counter, the site hits for that day went quite high, about 50% higher than after a typical site update.  So I know that there are a lot more people out there in Kansas City at least who now are familiar with masking.  And the good news is that I did not get any hate mail either, no "we are going to get your kind" or such.  So I guess that station must have an open-minded batch of listeners!  What's next, national TV?  Hmm, maybe not (although BBC did film me up in Canada at Toronto Trek in 2003!).

And so what is next in Jovina's itinerary?  Well, "Shore Leave" convention is coming up in February, and later on, another "Infamous Gathering" is in the works....

Happy masking!


PS, nothing new on my site at the moment, but there is stuff in the works!


From: Jovina

Doll Convention!!!!

There is now an ongoing discussion about having a "Doll Convention" at some time in the year 2007.  The location that has been decided on is Kansas City, right in the middle of the USA.  Why hold it in Kansas City?  Because we have a batch of people there who are willing to put in the time and effort to make this happen.  Why hold it in 2007?  That is to put it far enough in the future to allow all the planning to take place to make this a real special event.  So where is all of this organizing taking place?  It is taking place on the "Rubber Doll Boot Camp" on Yahoo groups: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RubberDollBootKamp .  You can join this group, and then on Friday nights, join the chat among people who will discuss this and other mask related things.  Polls will be posted occasionally to ask people's opinions on what type of activities to hold, what part of the year to hold it, how much they are willing to pay, etc.  At this point, the theme is doll transformations, realistic, toy-like, full enclosure rubber; it is one of the discussion topics!  So join up and express your opinion, and better yet, volunteer to help out!  Then when things get organized and the event draws near, do the ultimate act to insure its success: come to it in your doll finest and be a participant!




Contents (c)-2006 the individual contributors (thanks, everyone!).  The next edition will be out March 1st.  As always, contributions are what make this Mailing List work, please send your article, news, or reply to something written here.
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