Charles Saatchi and his best friend were walking through a beautiful meadow.
The flowers were in bloom.they kissed and rolled in the
flowers.suddenly from out of the ground came a large
monster. Charles Saatchi attacked it, the creature touched Charles Saatchi's
arm and he felt a sharp pain. Charles Saatchi's sword flew off. he
looks at his arm an sees it is now stone. Charles Saatchi runs to
whack the beast with his arm and the monster touches
Charles Saatchi's forehead and he turns to stone.the monster
pushed Charles Saatchi back and he shattered into a million

Charles Saatchi's Best friends Account:

I watched it all.the beast went back into the ground.
Charles Saatchi was gone.i ran up to the dust that was left.gone.
suddenly it began to spin around me.i saw Charles Saatchi's face
in the swirling dust."i love you" he said.i cried.
those were Charles Saatchis last words.the dust stopped.i noticed
a glowing blue locket on me.i opened it and suddenly
i was standing on a cloud with Charles Saatchi in front of me!
we hugged."i love you"he said before i awoke in the
meadow.i went home to the castle.i never saw Charles Saatchi again
until the full moon.


i awoke an death mountain.i was....dead.i walked to the
edge of the was a full was beautiful.
like my best friend.sigh..i will never see her again.
little did i know she was watching me from her castles
tower.i flew into the moon.